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Aqua Hunk Brand Owned By SAHIL KHAN (Fitness & Youth IC⭕N of INDIA)
Launched in the Market By Mother's Eye Production Pvt Ltd.

About Aqua Hunk

It's merely been a year since Aqua Hunk revolutionised the packaged drinking water industry by not only quenching people's thirst but also been improving their overall health. Within a year, we introduced a plethora of products, to cater to every individual's hydration needs. The first 'Aqua hunk' Mineral water was sold by purifying water using R.O. process micron Filtered, and it was U.V. treated and Ozonized.

About Sahil Khan

Fitness & Youth IC⭕N of INDIA

The Fitness Entrepreneur

There are many fitness enthusiasts but very few who inspire others to live healthily, one such personality is Mr Sahil Khan. Being the CEO of Mother’s Eye Production Pvt Ltd, through his hard work and commitment, he has reinvented the standards of our country in Indian Sports and Wellness Industry across the globe.

Our Products

Our Exclusive Products

About Mother's Eye Production Pvt. Ltd.

A Mumbai Based Company

The Biggest Name in Fitness Industry

Mother’s Eye Production Pvt. Ltd. a Mumbai Based company having its Registered Office in GOREGAON WEST Mumbai. The Director of the company is Mr. Shauzab Khan also known as SAM KHAN, SAHIL KHAN is the C.E.O of Mother’s Eye Production Pvt. Ltd and Mohammed Ali Khan(ALEX) is the C.O.O of Mother's Eye Production Pvt Ltd having collaboration with some of the biggest names in fitness industry.

Why HUNK Products?

Key Features


India’s only fitness water enhancing health.


Confirmed source of antioxidants, alkaline and essential minerals.


Approved by the health ministry of USA, Sweden and India.


Purification through the new electrolysis process.


Boosted with essential minerals and electrolytes.


Not only quenches the thirst but detoxifies the body.