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About Aqua Hunk

It's merely been a year since Aqua Hunk revolutionised the packaged drinking water industry by not only quenching people's thirst but also been improving their overall health. Within a year, we introduced a plethora of products, to cater to every individual's hydration needs. The first 'Aqua hunk' Mineral water was sold by purifying water using R.O. process micron Filtered, and it was U.V. treated and Ozonized.

Aqua Hunk also introduced ‘IC⭕N'Ss Six Pack Energy Drink’ contains Permitted Natural Colours(INS150d), added Nature Identical Flavouring Substances, which is good for Brain Health & using 100% vegetarian which provides a natural boost which promotes your body to produce more energy.

After which Now Going to Introduce to the Market 'Aqua Hunk Alkaline Fitness Water' & 'Aqua Hunk Vanadium Water'.

Aqua Hunk Alkaline Fitness Water has many health benefits, like Improved Hydration, Improved Bone Health & Mental Clarity. Its antioxidants & anti-ageing properties help in detoxifying the body and Regular consumption of this water also helps in increasing metabolism, Improved heart health & Digestion.

'Aqua Hunk Vanadium Water' using its minerals from Japan it possesses the power to prevent and control Diabetes.

Thanks to CEO and Brand Ambassador Mr Sahil Khan and the premium packaging of the products, it's the first water bottle which the consumers are enjoying clicking pictures with for all their social media platforms. Aqua Hunk has been trending on all digital platforms, which have helped us in building brand loyalty and a strong customer base. Because of the customer's love and dedication, we currently have more than 100 distributors all over India, and the number is increasing every day. If you wish to be a part of our team, reach out to us as we will be more than happy to embrace you in our family.

About Sahil Khan

Fitness & Youth IC⭕N of INDIA

The Fitness Entrepreneur

There are many fitness enthusiasts but very few who inspire others to live healthily, one such personality is Mr Sahil Khan. Being the CEO of Mother’s Eye Production Pvt Ltd, through his hard work and commitment, he has reinvented the standards of our country in Indian Sports and Wellness Industry across the globe. He has been an example of begetting an aesthetic body through his determination and has always promoted the essential need of staying healthy. He is a fantastic actor, youth influencer and a fitness entrepreneur who has dedicated his entire life towards motivating our youth to live a healthy life.

He has received many prestigious awards like ‘India’s Fitness And Youth IC⭕N’ by ‘Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival’; BEA "Bharat Ratna Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam Award As a 'Youth IC⭕N of India' & 21st (Rajiv Gandhi Foundation) Global Excellence Award As 'India's Fitness IC⭕N'.

He came to Mumbai intending to represent India as a professional bodybuilder around the globe but while training, he was chosen to debut as the lead role in a cult film 'STYLE' which was directed by N. Chandra, who was an honoured director in the Indian film industry. The movie turned out to be a massive box office success and the audience adored his role as 'Chantu'. After his debut, his popularity started blooming due to his exceptional acting abilities and desirable physique in the sequel 'Excuse Me’

After that, his Bollywood career sparked as he contributed in many great movies like 'Yahi Hai Zindagi', 'Double Cross' and 'Ramaa the Saviour'. He had a dream of sharing screen with legendary actor Mr Amitabh Bachchan and that came true when he was cast to play a prominent character for the movie ‘Aladin', which is also considered to be one of the most expensive movies ever produced in India.

With his passion for fitness, he always intended to give some love back to all his fans and supporters and hence he launched his signature company called as, ‘Sahil khan Body Transformations’ and Through this company, he strives to educate and inspire people from all walks of life towards a common goal of healthy living. Revolutionising the fitness regime by using the beach as a re-refreshing setting, he introduced India’s First & Only open-air beach gym called,’Muscle & Beach Gym at Baga Beach, Goa. The main aim of this gym was to encourage the tourist to get active and healthy while enjoying their vacations. Apart from being the Brand Ambassadors of Mumbai Bodybuilding Association, Maharashtra Bodybuilding Association, Indian Sports & Fitness Carnival, Sahil was also awarded a Certificate of appreciation by the ‘International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness’ (IFBB), for his immense contribution towards promoting bodybuilding & fitness amongst the Indian youth.

Speaking about his personal life, he is a travel enthusiast, workaholic, food addict and health freak. It is his commitment to remodelling the health, fitness and wellness of Indians. His passion to maintain his own aesthetic body with his consistent dedication, hard work and never-give-up attitude, motivates millions of youth. He strongly believes in the quote "WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS!"

About Mother's Eye Productions Pvt. Ltd.

A Mumbai Based Company

The Biggest Name in Fitness Industry

Mother’s Eye Production Pvt. Ltd. a Mumbai Based company having its Registered Office in GOREGAON WEST Mumbai. The Director of the company is Mr. Shauzab Khan also known as SAM KHAN, SAHIL KHAN is the C.E.O of Mother’s Eye Production Pvt. Ltd and Mohammed Ali Khan(ALEX) is the C.O.O of Mother's Eye Production Pvt Ltd having collaboration with some of the biggest names in fitness industry.

1) NICK ORTON ( C.E.O. BODYPOWER) Partner in All BODYPOWER Events.

2) SUNIEL SHETTY (ACTOR) Brand Ambassador of MUDSKULL ADVENTURE OFF-ROADING 4x4 EVENT. (🇮🇳India's 1st luxurious and Biggest off-roading Event)Held in Karjat and Lonavala.

3) BODYPOWER BEACH BODY CARNIVAL.(🇮🇳 India's 1st Bodypower Beach Body Carnival) Held in Goa & Mumbai.


5) Mothers Eye Production Pvt. Ltd. is also along with manufacturing AQUA HUNK Mineral Water & IC⭕N'S SIX PACK ENERGY DRINK is now LAUNCHING its AQUA HUNK ALKALINE FITNESS WATER & AQUA HUNK VANADIUM WATER.

6) Mother’s Eye Production Pvt. Ltd. is associated with MY FITNESS PEANUT BUTTER ( 🇮🇳 India's 1st USA🇺🇸 FDA Registered Peanut Butter) along with Tanvi Health Care.

7) Mother’s Eye Production Pvt. Ltd. Is also Associated with DIVINE NUTRITION Suppliments (🇺🇸Imported Ingredients) along with Mr. Hiren Desai (Vedant Nutraceuticals Limited).

8) Mother's Eye Production Pvt Ltd is also Launching India's 🇮🇳 1st FITNESS AND BEAUTY RESORT in Palghar.

9) Mother's Eye Production Pvt Ltd is also Launching IC⭕N BUYCEPS FITNESS GYM (Most Luxurious & Expensive Gym) in Mumbai.